Water Heater Sales & Installations

An average water heater life cycle is about ten years. You can buy extended warranty from seller in addition to standard warranty of 6-12 years. Heavy use may shorten the tank's life.

Water heater size mostly depends on number of people living in the house. 40Gal will be fine for two people. And 50Gal water heater is the most common size for residential home. In case you have Jacuzzi (may drink up more 100Gal) or big family you should consult professional to calculate right size for your needs.

Today we can offer you almost endless possibilities, market is stocked with numbers of different designs and brands. As a home owner/business owner first of all you should decide on what system will serves your needs best.

Most common water heating solutions:
- electrical water heater.
-gas water heaters could be divided on following categories (chimney vented, direct vented-no chimney is required)
-instant water heaters
-thankless water heaters
-oil water heaters
-propane water heaters
-solar water heaters
-heat pumps
As you see you better consult a pro before pick one up.

Another important concern would be efficiency. High efficiency equipment offered on market today, home owner’s tax credit will apply.

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