Our plumbing company anticipates your possible plumbing needs and is honored to offer you this approximate pricelist for some of our services.

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Plumbing Renovation

Installation / construction of half/full bathroom from $2,300/$2,800
Installation of boiler (including boiler) from $3,000
Installation of washing machine connection from $500
Installation of hot water heating zone
(40' including baseboards)
from $1,100
Installation of irrigation faucet from $110
Installation of sump pump (including pump) from $300
Drain cleaning from $150

Plumbing Remodeling

Replacement of hot water heater
(excluding water heater)
from $400
Replacement of full bathroom fixtures
(tub, vanity/pedestal, W/C, faucet, tub/shower valve)
from $1,500
Replacement of vanity/pedestal from $200/300
Replacement of W/C from $110
Installation / replacement of kitchen fixtures
(faucet, dishwasher, disposal, gas stove, icemaker)
from $550
Replacement of gas stove from $120
Replacement of kitchen faucet from $100
Installation of gas dryer & exhaust from $300

Quality performance, experienced staff, and competitive pricing guaranteed.

We specialize

Remodeling & New Construction

Remodeling & New Construction

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Graduates of: The Peterson School of Woburn, MA
Certified and trained by: TracPipe Flexible Gas Piping by Omega Flex, WardFlex, WATTS
WaterPEX, VIEGA PureFlow System and ProRadiant System, WIRSBO AquaPEX.

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